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Food industry


In the field of food, there are a certain number of rules to observe to protect consumers' health. 

Food safety has therefore become a priority for the agri-food industry, with ever more assurance and traceability throughout the transformation of products (production and packaging).

All businesses in the sector are concerned: meat, milk, sugar, processed foods, cereal-based products, various food products, drinks.

The lubricants required in the various steps of the process must also meet the required standards and be NSF certified.

The range of MOLYDAL NSF certified lubricants meets the requirements of the sector and the many applications in industrial maintenance (release oils, degreasers and chain lubricants), plastic injection and metal package deformation. 

Beyond NSF certification, MOLYDAL wants to highlight products containing neither MOSH (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons), nor MOAH (mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons), a current serious preoccupation with consumers. 

A recommendation by the ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) is resulting in mobilisation by industry to limit the migration of MOSH/MOAH into food and to guarantee consumers' safety.

To meet this recommendation MOLYDAL is supporting industries in the sector in this direction by recommending the use of its MOSH/MOAH/POSH-free products.
 MOLYDAL has created a special logo to identify its MOSH/MOAH-free products

By associating products for industrial lubrication with MOLYDAL lubrication systems, the overdosing of lubricants which could end up in contact with food packaging and potentially migrate to food, can be avoided.

In addition, to respond to industries exporting to some geographical areas, certain MOLYDAL NSF lubricants are Kasher and Halal certified.

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