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Special greases and for centralized lubrication

LCH 250 G000

Extreme pressure fluid grease for NLGI000 gearboxes


Developed specially for lubricating spur and worm gears in housings (gearboxes, motor reduction units, right-angle gearboxes, etc.). Smooth and excellent adhesion. Prevents leakage phenomena.


Specially suited for lubricating gearboxes, motor reduction units of machines such as bridge cranes, lifts'as a substitute for high-viscosity oils.

Technical data

Operating temperature range: -25°C to +160°C
Grade NLGI: 000
Load: 280 kg
Reference Designation Packaging Unit
LCH250G0005L GREASE-NLGI000-LCH 250 G000-BUCKET 5L By 10 L

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