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Universal non-solvent degreasers

KL 9 H

Ecofriendly aqueous degreasing cleaner


Ready for use. Renewable raw material-based. V.O.C free, petroleum-based solvent free, chlorine free, EDTA free, glycol free. MOSH-MOAH and POSH free cleaner. KL 9 H is registered by NSF International, in category A1. This indicates that it is authorized for use in incidental contact with food. (N°162092).


Easily removes greases, oils and sludge, waxy or oily rust preventatives in agro-food industries. Can be sprayed, used in a tank, with a brush, with cloths, in floor washers and part-washers.

Technical data

Operating temperature range: 0°C to +100°C
PH : 8,90 - 9,00