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Automatic greasing solution


MOLYDAL automatic greasing solutions are  PULSARLUBE stand-alone greasers  for lubricating one or more greasing points, with or without a power connection.

These stand-alone greasers can be used for single or multiple points (kit on option). A version with servo link to the machine is available. 

Their performance makes remote installation possible with high greasing precision. They have a 15 day to 24 month range of use and capacities of 125 to 500 cc.

Being re-usable, they are environmentally friendly!


  • Precise and controlled supply of lubricant.
  • Optimisation of lubrication.
  • Prolonged systems life times.
  • Adaptation to each requirement.
  • Economic solution.


They can be re-used with MOLYDAL greases and oils.
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