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Penetrating oils


Ecofriendly lubricating penetrating oil


It's a clean lubricant free from baryum, silicone, animal or vegetal fat. Thanks to a low surface tension, it penetrates into all seized mechanisms to easily loosen pieces, tools and oxidized parts. Lasting rust preventative effect for any machined or cut parts during transportation or warehousing. Its dielectric rigidity enables it to be used on electrical devices and equipment. Compatible with most elastomers (PTFE, Viton, NBR, FPM).


Loosen oxidized parts. Lubrication of guides, slides, cables, hinges, axes, locks in very dusty and damp environment. Protects machined pieces, bedways, moulds, fundery tools, plastic injection tools. Cleans and protects electrical and electronical equipment.

Technical data

Biodegradable raw materials > 85%
Renewable raw material > 50%